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Latest News

SAWA Group Association

Based on the principles of human rights and child right Sawa group targets children, youth and parents with cultural, social, educational and environmental objectives.

Directed to all society classes

For youth to participate

For children to safe and protect

For parents to encourage them in participation to take the responsibility in building process, development and to benefit from their human and economic experiences.

Our Goals
Settling and benefiting the culture of peace to improve the spirit of love, harmony and tenderness in every member as way to exchange the violence of the users of all development channel and education and social network .Interested educational and environmental in youth and children starting from human rights and children rights.
Founded in 1990 and get the factual certificate no 260/AD in 1994.founded by youth group started from the needs of young people seeking for development in remote and poor area and to spread the culture of peace.



  • Protection and care
  • Education
  • Health
  • Homeless
  • Educational activities and entertainment
  • Theatre
  • Early childhood
  • Introduce the articles of the children right agreement, and concern about 1000 Palestinian and Iraqi refugees' children per year in different activities.


  • To empower them in participation
  • The activities received to 200 Lebanese and Palestinian and Iraqi youth per year
  • Rehabilitation youth in life and economic skills
  • Community development
  • Leadership initiative
  • Voluntary
  • Non-Violence
  • Transparency and Democracy
  • Studying the Needs
  • Gathering and Social Intercourse
  • Civil Choice
  • Solving the conflicts in a positive way
  • Teenagers

  • Care , protect and aware them for relations
  • Conflict between generations, parents and schools
  • Incentive them for cultural educational activities
  • Establishing sport gems and technical groups
  • Exploration and knowledge
  • Health awareness , risks and problems
  • SIDA
  • drugs
  • smoking
  • armed conflict
  • crumbled affiliations
  • Woman

  • health awareness
  • family relations
  • women rights
  • eradication of illiteracy
  • giving birth and motherhood
  • the relation between the mother and her child, teenage, youth and husband
  • the economic skills for rehabilitation of handicrafts, nutrition, marketing and building project
  • building groups
  • Parents

  • civil rights
  • citizenship
  • social and community development
  • pollution, water, energy, and diseases
  • family
  • the economic situation of the market
  • high cost
  • agriculture and agriculture extension
  • public celebration for meeting

    Future Plan
    To continue the implementation of the programmed plan for the goal of empowering youth to participate.
    To continue establishing the clubs and youth groups in the Lebanese rural and poor areas for define their role.
    Support the training team in increasing their experience and to strength their training skills
    Entering the theatre youth skill to the association activities to express and support the assistance
    Finishing the establishment of youth house in Baalbek city in area 400 meter square that began in 2009 by the efforts of the association in a cost 220000 American dollars near to the ancient castle. Implemented 20% till now.
    Seeking to establish a playground specialized for summer activities and for children entertainment
    Seeking to establish reception center resident for the children who suffer from a difficult circumstances and who are in conflict with law and protect them from exploitation and aggression.